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- Seller: maris present

- Head of operations: Mariko Kimihiko

* Address: 〒 125-0061 5-18-5 Kameari Katsushika Ward, Tokyo Japan
* Contact: 〒 125-0051 Niijuku 2-13-3-302 Katsushika Ward, Tokyo Japan

- Phone :03 -3608 -9309 (absent when cell phones will be automatically transferred.)

- Mail for PC publishers to: info@maris-present.jp

Required other than price - the product: no (cash on delivery shipping costs and fees will be subtracted from The commodity price.)

- Sales Volume: Forever

- Sign expiration: indefinite Basically, however, the situation has changed

* Delivery time: Show separately for each item

- Payment: credit card payment payment on delivery mail

* Payment Deadline: If you transfer mail: your product, sign up for your
For COD ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・: When your product is received

- Handling of defective: after receiving the return cash on delivery, replace defective

* Return policy: After confirming the reason for the return decision

Shipping - Returns: If the initial burden us, otherwise the decision after confirming the reason for the return

Handling of Personal Information

* Your personal information is strictly managed, we will use to fulfill the order. And
Without specifying the way personal information is used to develop better products and services in the future
We will.

- Personal information, without your consent, except to a third party subcontractors, including shipping companies
Not to provide disclosure. (By law, except when asked to disclose)